Coming from the sunny parish of Bonita Springs in Florida, USA emerges Jahgape, a roots reggae band with a conscious proposal. A group of friends that unite to create a style of music that will surely take you to new heights. Deeply rooted in Jamaican music, the diversity within the members of the band contributes to the eclectic mix of rhythms that accompany it.

Their influences range from earl…y ska and rocksteady, swinging through the remarkable roots era of the 70’s, to the new wave of roots reggae that is now unveiling throughout the world. Inspired by artists like Dennis Brown, Burning Spear, Black Uhuru, The Roots Radics, Israel Vibration, The Gladiators, Steel Pulse, Gentleman, Damian Marley, among others, Jahgape’s music combines the old with the contemporary, creating a reggae sound known as new roots.

Drummer Wayne Green is a veteran Jamaican musician that has shared his talent with many notable reggae artists such as Alton Ellis, Tommy McCook, and John Holt. His drum licks are sure to lift up your soul. Born in Maracaibo, Venezuela, Jesus Martinez, also known as General I, is a versatile and spiritual singer/songwriter. Alonso Wiener is a leading-edge guitarist that brings his diverse musical influences to a reggae platform. Also from Peru hails Enrique “Chul” Romero, a multi-instrumentalist and reggae guru. He is in charge of the keyboards and organs, but he is not limited to just that; you may find him enchanting you with his melodica or beating on the nyabinghi percussion.

Jahgape has shared the stage with artists like Christafari, Solomon Jabby, Pato Banton & The Now Generation Band, and Yellowman to name a few. They have played for very diverse audiences, playing for kids and seniors at churches and various venues around Florida. Last year they played at the Surf & Song Festival in Downtown Fort Myers, an event that attracted thousands of people.

With uplifting lyrics, militant drum and bass rhythms, and beautiful melodies, Jahgape is sure to make everyone have a nice time every time they perform. As one, they seek to bring the message of reconciliation to all the children of creation, spreading truth and positive vibrations.


Playing music ol swampgrass style, the official band of the Psyclebillies MC – come on down to the lowlands, where them Gladezmen stay.
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Formed in 2007 when Alex Dorris and Taylor Freydberg met at a local bluegrass jam, the Wholetones were later completed with the addition of Russ Depa on upright bass, and Mayo Coates on drums. They play a unique mix of bluegrass, folk, jazz, and metal, all translated through acoustic instruments. Combining impressive technical skill with the spontaneity of jazz and drive of bluegrass, they put on a captivating live show, jumping from folk to metal as easily as they do from banjo to cello. The Wholetones’ blend of genres is a result of the four members’ enormously varied musical appetite. They play and listen to reggae, metal, hip-hop, bluegrass, and everything in between, and the end product is a truly original sound.

“The Wholetones are in my opinion, are one of the best bands in the 239 area. Their music is so tight and precise, every musician in the group is so in tact with their instruments. On top of being incredible musicians, their writing has so much depth. They are blowing up a genre they have created. They are almost ready to come out with their full length album The Alamo that I suggest everyone get. I wish I had more to say but words can’t really describe how this band’s music makes me feel. It’s incredible and I think you should all come see/hear it for yourselves.” – Frankie Colt

“I’m somewhere between enlightened, and devastated.”
—  A fan, upon hearing The Wholetones play
“Usually bands have that one member who just blows your mind. The Wholetones seem to take turns being that member.”



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Raygun and the Zombie Killers started when Shane Masse and Joe Garita met at a bus stop in 2011. They conversed about the music scene here Naples, Florida. Shane Masses,  lead guitar player and bassist Joe Garita hit off a musical chemistry and have been playing music together ever since. They later added keyboardist Jeff Teigen. They started out playing the open mic scene together and recording their modern blues sound. They still play open mics, music festivals and play their own gigs. For a little more than a year now, they’ve been playing around the music scene, making a name for themselves with their social lyrics, and killer sounds.

“Raygun & The Zombie Killers are a band with so much energy, you can’t help but fall in love with them and their music. All members are excellent with their instruments. They have a bluesy/classic rock kinda of sound that our generation lacks. Shane Masse, singer/lead guitarist has a raspy yet very suave voice. I really LOVE his vocals, especially when partnered up with Joe Garitas backing vocals/harmonies. This band is a real treat to the ears. Take every opportunity to watch this group. You won’t regret it.” – Frankie Colt





Gabraella Rose is a 17 year old singer/songwriter blossoming out of Naples, Florida. With her ear catching, acoustic-indie style of writing and singing, she is an artist you will want to hear time and time again. She’s had a love for singing her entire life but didn’t address it until she picked up her father’s guitar at age 11. She soon discovered that she was passionate about music and entertaining, just as he was. Living in a small town of Meadville, Pennsylvania at the time, Gabraella began writing her own songs around the age of 12. She started playing shows at her local middle school and high school over the years, in local venues, and at small coffee shops here and there building a small foundation for her music. By age 16 she moved to Naples, Florida. Thirsty for more exposure, Gabraella established a name for herself in the local music scene. Attacking open mics at bars, coffee shops, and frozen yogurt joints, soon after moving on to local venues such as Squarehead, King Richard’s Family Fun Park, Fleischmann Park, Sugden Park, Cambier Park, The Marco Island Marriott and more. Playing shows with artists such as Dan Andriano from Alkaline Trio, Dave Hause from The Loved Ones, and Fake Problems. In the future she plans to move to Orlando, Florida where she can grow even more as an artist in the large music scene of that area, and hopefully release an album.

“Gabraella Rose has one of the most beautiful voices my ears have ever heard in my life. I can’t compare her voice to anyone else because it really is one of a kind. She’s also an accomplished guitar player with her folky rhythms and her unique styled finger picking. Gabraella also writes incredible songs, she will have everyone at her shows and open mics singing along with the tunes she wrote. Some of her bigger songs known would be “Oh No”, “Please Don’t Say Goodbye” and “Just A Thought”. (You can download songs for free on her music facebook). Gabraella is only 17 years old and can write a song as if she was the wise owl who experienced a lifetime of love, hardships and laughter. Gabraella Rose is an incredible musician. You must come out and see her perform. Do not miss out on her talent.” – Frankie Colt

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I recently just booked all the  local bands/musicians for The 239 Music Festival: Rock the Docks 2012. In my opinion, in my full 21 years of being alive but most importantly living in Naples  – I never been more excited for a music festival. This town has lacked a music community for a few years now and this is ALL ABOUT TO CHANGE! I need local musicians, artists, photographers, dancers, friends, family, students, teachers – EVERYONE to PLEASE HELP PROMOTE THIS EVENT and get involved! Not only do we have incredible headliners such as MAYDAY PARADE and ANDY GRAMMER but we also have an amazing group of local talent that will be playing the day portion of the event. If we want more events like to this to happen in our city, then we all must work together to make this HUGE and get this happen again.

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13 Local bands/musicians include: (click name to check out music sites)

Devon Meyers

Molly Bird

Young Kings

Raygun and The Zombie Killers

Gabraella Rose

Frankie Colt & The .45s

Freedom Hall

Katy Schirard


The Wholetones


The Gladezmen

Us vs Them

Frankie Colt


Friends and family, I am very close to reaching my goal of having a 1,000 fans. I have been working on a lot of new projects lately. I started recording my Frankie Colt EP. I recently got business cards and have been hosting open mics at Fred’s Naples and South Street. I …have been planning and hosting many shows around town for not only my music but for other great local talented musicians and artists. I do this in hopes of building a better and bigger music scene in Naples.

I have a goal of getting 1,000 fans for my music. I’m closer now more than ever. I’d like to have a lot more fans by the time my EP album comes out. I have 933 fans – that means I need exactly 67 fans to reach my goal. I’m going to have this posted in hopes that I’ll get close to my goal before Easter.

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To all my friends and family, supporters of my music who help, it is so greatly appreciated and I love you for all! I couldn’t do this without you.

Much love
♥ Frankie Colt



“I’ve been around the country and picked up songs here and there, even written a few myself. I’ve been known to git into trouble every now and then but my main objective is to git a smile and share a laugh. It’s a pretty fucked up world and ya can’t let it git to heavy. That’s why I sing Blues songs, sad songs make me happy and happy songs just annoy the shit outta me, but no matter which way ya cut it, ya gotta sing every now and then. So i guess that’s it. Not much of a biography but who cares, turn the fuckin’ volume up!” -Robert Stack
Why wouldn’t you want to come see him? Come on! George and I get to play with Robert occasionally and I love Robert and his music. He writes awesome songs and you can tell through his writing that he’s been through a lot and has some stories to tell.


Molly Bird is a singer/song-writer from upstate NY. She grew up in a family of musicians, learning Neil Young covers on the guitar from her father at a ripe age, but never really exploring music for herself. After studying photography and fine arts in college, she abandoned any career path in hopes of gaining something deeper and richer, and chose to make a life out of traveling and living minimalistically (usually out of a tent or with a bicycle).

She found a sense of home in a forest in south georgia taking care of chickens, living in a tree house, and working at a hostel. Being surrounded by beautiful and creative people, Molly began writing short stories accompanied with drawings in the compost toilettes of the hostel every day.

Her real interest in writing music sparked in 2009, while she was living in a tent on the Swiss Alps with a group of Sufis. Molly was able to explore instruments such as the accordion and the swiss made hang drum, as well as performance, movement, and meditation. Arriving back in Naples to visit her family, she invested in some instruments and started playing shows at the Alamo and the Cigar Bar hosted by the Wholetones, and recorded a song on John Berna’s album “Don’t Worry About Nothin, Everything Is Going To Be Alright”.

In the summer of 2010, Molly Bird and Melissa Buckley met in the Catskills of NY. They had an instant creative connection, learning harmonies and inspiring each other to move forward with their musical endeavors. They formed a band called Meadow and moved to Naples to make music and record an album. After a mini weekend tour with Casey Lee and John Berna, Meadow went on the road with Casey Lee for a two week tour up the east coast. After the tour, the girls took to traveling again setting up their own shows and playing with friends. After months on the road, Molly and Melissa parted ways to pursue different interests. Molly Bird is still writing and in the process of recording her debut solo album.

Molly is such an amazing talent. She’s really the jack of all trades with the fact she’s gardens, travels, exercises and loves to play music. I believe I first saw her play at The Alamo and I just fell in love with her music. Her writing is hands down incredible but also she has a one of a kind voice. A voice all girls envy because it’s just so intensely beautiful. You should definitely come out to watch Molly Bird play at Fred’s on Wednesday March 21st, come see for yourself that you’ll be blown away.

Molly Bird