Gabraella Rose is a 17 year old singer/songwriter blossoming out of Naples, Florida. With her ear catching, acoustic-indie style of writing and singing, she is an artist you will want to hear time and time again. She’s had a love for singing her entire life but didn’t address it until she picked up her father’s guitar at age 11. She soon discovered that she was passionate about music and entertaining, just as he was. Living in a small town of Meadville, Pennsylvania at the time, Gabraella began writing her own songs around the age of 12. She started playing shows at her local middle school and high school over the years, in local venues, and at small coffee shops here and there building a small foundation for her music. By age 16 she moved to Naples, Florida. Thirsty for more exposure, Gabraella established a name for herself in the local music scene. Attacking open mics at bars, coffee shops, and frozen yogurt joints, soon after moving on to local venues such as Squarehead, King Richard’s Family Fun Park, Fleischmann Park, Sugden Park, Cambier Park, The Marco Island Marriott and more. Playing shows with artists such as Dan Andriano from Alkaline Trio, Dave Hause from The Loved Ones, and Fake Problems. In the future she plans to move to Orlando, Florida where she can grow even more as an artist in the large music scene of that area, and hopefully release an album.

“Gabraella Rose has one of the most beautiful voices my ears have ever heard in my life. I can’t compare her voice to anyone else because it really is one of a kind. She’s also an accomplished guitar player with her folky rhythms and her unique styled finger picking. Gabraella also writes incredible songs, she will have everyone at her shows and open mics singing along with the tunes she wrote. Some of her bigger songs known would be “Oh No”, “Please Don’t Say Goodbye” and “Just A Thought”. (You can download songs for free on her music facebook). Gabraella is only 17 years old and can write a song as if she was the wise owl who experienced a lifetime of love, hardships and laughter. Gabraella Rose is an incredible musician. You must come out and see her perform. Do not miss out on her talent.” – Frankie Colt

Twitter: GabraellaRose